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As the years went by, the company developped progressively, thus establishing its position on both the home and the international markets. Its offices were constantly enlarged and it became necessary to obtain larger and larger premises to provide adequate storage for the goods that were coming from the five continents.

Year 1985 marked a turning point in the firm's life: the remarkable increase of the production staff and the new product lines (renowned brands names of artificial sausage casings, such as:

NIPPI - FUJIMORI (Tokyo-Japan)

and a new department devoted to spices and spice extracts) enabled Blancasings to impose itself among the sector's leading companies.

The secret to its success lies in the combination of expertize and experience acquired in over one hundred years of company activity within the main home and foreign markets.
It is just thanks to the constant technological advances and to the staff's commitment and professionalism in meeting every need of a more and more varied clientele that the company has achieved and maintained such high quality standards.

Blancasings has thus become one of the main suppliers of casings, with a diffused sales organization covering the whole home market and Western Europe's chief countries.

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